Monkey see, monkey do. But not you...

The Deadly DesignShop is where you get a sneak preview of our top secret prototypes and future guitar models. Many of the designs here are far too wicked for public consumption... but you'll get to see them anyway! Just kidding, but I think we have some interesting designs in process!

A love of the 50's and 60's styles of the "mail order" variety have a definite influence on our ideas. Simple but honest! However, we're truly impacted by contemporary designers and luthiers who are bringing extraordinary instruments to the guitar world. I hope we can contribute to that exciting environment.

The Deadly ambition is not so much about craft perfection but to build instruments that play and sound exceptional.

Our guitars are likely to be a little inconsistent and “imperfect”, but when a person picks up a "Deadly" and it feels at home in their hands, then we've achieved our goal.

I have to point out that Strat, Tele and Les Paul styles are not part of the Deadly repertoire. As influential as these designs are, it is pointless to stay stuck in Neverland so to speak. Aside from that there are at least 3 gazillion builders (I counted most of them) recreating them over and over again. So I say ...enuff already!

Updates will be posted from time to time so please pop back to see what's new.

Comments are welcome... be they brickbats or bouquets!

Photo of sketches on the back of an envelope

My favourite drawing board - back of an envelope

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