Ray Gun MkIII

Back to the 50's and Saturday arvo movies!

The design started out as quick a sketch drawn from some modern architecture which had interesting shapes I thought might translate to a guitar body.

Lo and behold a strange shape emerged which reminded me of a ray gun from one of those 50's comics or shockingly bad B grade space movies. As a kid they blew our tiny minds of course and I couldn't get enough!

So here it is for all the old kids out there.

This is version three which is an amalgam of previous versions. There are dozens of MKIII variants in my head but for now we'll KIS and keep it toned down to bare basics. Still deciding on the fitout but there will be a twin humbucker version for metalheads...

We trust you won't get too bored with all the self-indulgent happy snaps.

Updates will be posted from time to time so please pop back to see what's new.

As always, comments are welcome... be they brickbats or bouquets!

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