The Mando “Lambretto”

Introducing our debut Mando model – the “Lambretto” 2012

It's taken a quite a while but finally the time has come to unveil the Deadly Mando "Lambretto".

Please excuse all the self-indulgent photos... I'm a bit chuffed with this build!

I find the mandolin shape very appealing and so began exploring concepts for a "mando-guitar" in late December 2010. The prototype has evolved nicely with a final body outline that is a hybrid of a conventional guitar and mandolin but with it's own Deadly personality.

From the initial explorations there are now three designs using the "Mando Outline", distinguished by the deep right side cutaway in lieu of a traditional "horn". There is a square cut, a flat top and a 'rhodondo' profile as is used on the "Lambretto". I will publish the other two models in due course.

The "Lambretto's" distinctive rounded edge form is a feature I have used on other models such as the Le Moderne Rhodondo, the Gossienne Tribute and the Klein Zambon Tribute. These models will also be unveiled in the near future.

Why the "Lambretto" I hear you ask? When I sprayed on the first coats of red enamel I was immediately reminded of the rear-end of a certain trendy Italian two wheeler. Thus the name is poached from the famous iconic motor scooter of the 60's (now making a strong comeback in the new millennium). I switched the "i" for an "o" to represent the ovoid profile – also a vain attempt to avoid litigation!

The debut prototype featured here has a very basic setup; 25.75" x 22 fret scale, 16" radius neck, twin Korean mesh covered humbuckers (bridge 15.5K neck 8.5K) with a three way switch, single tone and volume pots.

The jack is centrally located on the lower rear bout which is mainly a cosmetic consideration, but the cable can slip easily thru the shoulder strap in this position for security.

This build has a maple neck and pine body made from a cupboard I found on the street. Waste not… however production models will be made of mahogany or similar. A chambered model is also envisioned!

Finish is primer, red enamel base coats and red and clear gloss nitro top coats. Hand polished of course!

This prototype has a very simple hardtail intonable bridge which I like a lot. Very solid. The obvious next step is to fit a TuneOmatic bridge and tailpiece for testing. However I am favouring the new GraphTech ResoMax NW2 Wraparound Alloy bridge and think that may become a standard fitting.

I am using a direct coupling system for the neck/body join for all Deadlys as it provides a very tight connection for great sustain.

Tuners are my favourite Gotoh 510 Minis 18:1 - very reliable plus they look sexy!

As with all Deadlys, strings are Elixer NanoWebs and I'll be fitting GraphTech Tusq nuts and string retainers for improved tone. Trust me they are uno numero!

The "Lambretto" has a very sensual feel due to it's super smooth exotic form and is very comfortable to play.

The next incarnations will be slightly larger in overall body size and carry a 24.75" x 22 fret and/or a 25" x 24 fret scale on a compound radius neck. Twin buckers and P90's seem to be the best option for output altho a "Tele" type rig is probably in order, at least as a trial!

If you want one of these babies I'll be very happy to build it for you - regardless of your location*!

Every "Lambretto" is individually hand-made and custom specified.
Please go to the 4 Sale page for more *details and specifications of the current 2013 model.

As usual your brickbats and bouquets are most welcome.

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