Le Moderne Prototype

The Deadly Flagship – Le Moderne

The Deadly "Le Moderne" LTD solid body electric – a hybrid Les Paul, Strat, Tele and Corvus tribute.

This build started life as a "slab" as I had in mind a very irregular shaped body that resembled a rough hewn slab of wood split down the centre.

I couldn't find a suitable piece of timber I could afford or anything that looked close until one day I found an old slat pine bed on the roadside waiting for pickup by the local council... needless to say it found it's way into my garage and the rest will be history... ahem.

As can be seen in the drawings, the design has taken a radical departure from the original concept becoming more topographical in outline. All of the soft round overs have become bevels which makes for a more aggressive style. This is partly due to the wood I had at hand dictating to the design yet the result is fairly satisfying. It is still evolving with slight modifications being made to each prototype.

Le Moderne is intended to embrace all the best attributes of it's heroic predecessors in overall quality, features, tone, playability and manufacturing techniques. It pays lip service to the Corvus borrowing some of it's ergonomic forms - a truly unique "moderne" style by a big brand.

Models can be produced with traditional style Les Paul, Strat or Tele setups using the same body shape. Scales to suit each will be available and a 25" x 24 fret 10" – 16" compound neck is planned as standard. Hardware is yet to be finalised.

Please check back from time to time to see how things are going!

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