Mock up of the Stratotone-CG prototype

Stratotone-CG prototype mockup circa 2010

Design becomes reality – the Deadly Guitars prototypes.

This section is devoted to "showcasing" our prototype models that made it thru the initial design stages. Here's where the ideas get put to the test as it were! These will become production models once the build satisfies the design speci and performs as anticipated.

Not all will be successful but that's part of the process. See what works and what doesn't! And of course not every guitar will be built for production.
Some are definitely experimental or are for bils collection.

See the current explorations here:

The Mando "Lambretto" 2012

Le Moderne circa 2010-2012

The Ray Gun MkIII 2012

Photos will be uploaded from time to time so please pop back to see what's in the workshop.

Comments are welcome they brickbats or bouquets!

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