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In the few years I have been learning the craft of guitar building and design, I've spent many hours poring over web sites, forums, user groups and ebooks. Although I have a few “real” books on the subject, there is virtually no aspect of the guitar that can’t be sourced freely on the net. The generosity of the online community never ceases to amaze me. They deserve a 10/10!

My aspirations as an outsider luthier (untrained, unqualified) have been ever changing as the net exposes more and more traditional and modern instruments to my eager eyes! Many eras influence me particularly the late 50’s and 60’s as I grew up in the dawn of rock ’n roll or R&B as many call it. Electric guitars of that period were frequently “out there” with lots of plastic and shiny bits, heaps of switches and knobs and pickups often embellished with ornamented metal. Outlandish got you noticed! I'm pleased to say some of them are making a strong comeback in the new millennium!

Designwise things have calmed down a little since those heady days. But of course there are always rebels, thankfully, to keep us on our toes! Artisans who build wild and often outrageous sound machines! And there are the rule breakers. Craftsman luthiers and instrument makers who want to challenge tradition, break new ground and venture into unknown territory by reinventing the guitar.

Still others just want to build artworks, things of beauty for discerning collectors and skilled musicians.

These pages are intended in part as a tribute to all designers, artisans and entities who have impacted me on my adventure into guitar making. Some don’t even make instruments!

You may know all, some or none of them but I believe they deserve acknowledgement even from an unknown like me. There is no Order of Merit, it’s not a competition, its just my opinion, but I truly hope everyone benefits from their presence here!

Your input is more than welcome but please, let’s not get into debates OK?

Thank you folks!

bil andersen
owner | builder | dogsbody at Deadly Guitars
Free the spirit within

All content on the 10/10 pages is used with permission from the parties concerned unless otherwise noted. Please respect their rights.

FYI: Deadly Guitars does not have vested or commercial interests with any of the 10/10 participants.

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