The Mando “Lambretto” 2013

Ready to rock – the Mando “Lambretto” 2013

Please note: There is very little stylistically that differs to the 2012 original prototype so those photos are being used here for the short term.

After a year of playing-in and minor refinements, the Mando "Lambretto" is ready for the real world! The 2013 model is slightly larger all round but retains the mandolin shape of the prototype with it's distinctive rounded edge form.

The body is now chambered mahogany which brings the weight down but retains a nice balance of resonance and sustain. That is due in part to a thru body backbone or "core" for the neck, pickups and bridge mounting.

The basic setup is: 25.5" x 22 fret scale*, 16" radius "C" maple neck, twin ToneRider P90's or Humbuckers with three way switching, single tone and volume pots. Top quality wiring, switches, caps and pots used throughout. The stock bridge is a very simple though body intoneable hardtail. Very solid and reliable.

The jack is still located on the lower rear bout - mainly a cosmetic consideration - but allows the cable to slip easily thru the shoulder strap for security. A direct coupling system is used for the neck to body join. This is a feature of all Deadly guitars as it provides a very tight connection for great sustain.

Tuners are my favourite Gotoh 510** Minis 18:1 - very reliable plus they look way sexy! As with all Deadlys, strings are Elixer NanoWebs and nut and string retainers are GraphTech Tusq for improved tone. Trust me, you'll hear the difference!

All hardware is chrome finished to makers specis.

The "Lambretto" is finished in gloss nitrocellulose. Hand polished of course!

*Alternate scales of 24.75" x 22 frets and 25" x 24 frets at no extra cost.
**The Gotoh 510 tuners can be specified as locking for a few dollars more!

Bonus Offer

I am offering a bridge upgrade to the GraphTech ResoMax NW1 Wraparound Alloy bridge or you can have a NW2 with

String Saver Saddles at no additional cost!

Photograph of Graph Tech ResoMax MW1 and MW2 bridge!

FREE $100 upgrade to a Graph Tech ResoMax MW1 or MW2 bridge!

The "Lambretto" is a simple clean guitar without too many frills. It is not offered in a tremelo version but can be configured with your choice of pickups, wiring and bridge. I am able to offer any name brand parts but this will obviously effect the final price.

If you want one of these babies I'll be very happy to build it for you - regardless of your location! I will ship to the Americas, Europe (all Euro Union countries) and South Africa. If you live somewhere else... say Iceland!!! ...let me know and we'll figure it out!

Every "Lambretto" is individually hand-made and can be custom specified. Contact me to discuss your preferences, timing and a price (currently from around $US1400 depending on hardware etc).

Build time is approximately 6 weeks.

Model The Mando "Lambretto" 2013 Custom
Manufactured Sydney, Australia
Edition Custom Edition per customer
Scale 25.5" x 22 frets standard. No Cost Option: 24.75" x 22 frets | 25" x 24 frets - two octave
Construction Bolt-on neck with direct coupling joint system to chambered body
Colour/Finish Available in Monza Red or Jet Black / Nitrocellulose clear lacquer hand polished
Body wood Mahogany - we use sustainably grown to the best of our knowledge!
Neck wood Maple
Neck "C" style finished in satin nitrocellulose
Fingerboard Radius 9.5-16" – Maple with satin nitrocellulose plus hard wax polish
Frets Cupronickel medium jumbo
Truss rod Single action - adjustment at headstock
Nut Graphtech Tusq 45mm. No Cost Option: Zero Fret fitting
String Tees Graphtech Tusq, like the Nut – you really can’t have one without the other!
Strings Elixer NanoWeb – Light/ .010 - .045 gauge
Shielding Fully shielded pickup and control cavities using .018 copper shim
Pickups ToneRider Rebel 90 matched set. Alnico II magnets, Neck 8.0K, Bridge 8.6K. Option: Choose or supply your preferred pickups. Extra costs may apply
Controls 3 way switch - 1 Volume / 1 Tone: Neck ~ Neck & Bridge combo ~ Bridge
Bridge Wilkinson hardback thru body intonable OR Free Upgrade to a GraphTech ResoMax NW1 Wraparound bridge or a NW2 with 
String Saver Saddles
Tuners Gotoh 510 "Mini" 6 inline 18:1. Option: 510 Lockable available at nominal additional cost.
Weight 7lb / 3.5-4kg approx
Accessories Hex key, spare set of Elixer NanoWeb strings, cleaning cloth, softcase


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