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Deadly gets it wrong about Daisy…

Posted on: November 8th, 2013 by bilbaggins 1 Comment


Photo of Daisy Rocks Bangles signature model headstock

Daisy Rocks Bangles signature model headstock

Sharp eyed visitor spots dreadful error here at Deadly!

Well sooner or later we all make a mistake don't we? Here at Deadly I always try to check my facts before publication but things can change that I don't know about, if no one tells me. But luckily a sharp eyed chap from one of the US musicshop chains spotted the anomaly and advised me for which I am grateful. :-)

Contrary to my previous post (Deadly debutantes a Daisy…) where I stated that Daisy Rock Guitars were made by Schecter Guitar Research in the good old US of A ...I was wrong! Well sort of, because they were, but unfortunately that's no longer the case. They are now made in... you guessed it... China!

Now I'm sure there is a concrete reason for this which I suggest is more about economics than any other single factor. Selling instruments is a tough business and I bet the decision was equally a very tough one! But as always, "Daisy" backs their products without reservation and I'm sure they won't let their loyal customers down.

Anyway, for my money they are a great product and if they're good enough for Wanda Jackson and thousands of other girls and quite a few guys... they're good enough for me too!

Rock on over to Daisy Rock and check them out for yourself.

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Fabian goes herbaceous with liquid Orchids!

Posted on: November 8th, 2013 by bilbaggins No Comments


It's been awhile since I caught up with Fabian Oefner's wonderful world of fantastic photography. His latest creations are floral representations... or whatever you want them to be I suggest... and as always they are vibrant displays of intense colour. He calls this series: Orchids, and no doubt they'll inspire the floriculturist in many of us!

I still have the urge to have his images decorating Deadly Guitars guitars... but so far it is still just a fantasy!

But enough from me... head over and view all Fabian's fantastic Orchid Series for yourself.

Photography is © fabian oefner 2013

Deadly debutantes a Daisy…

Posted on: April 15th, 2013 by bilbaggins No Comments


Recently I got a hunk of guitar from one of my fave builders... Daisy Rocks!!!

No big deal in itself of course but I have long considered Daisy Rocks Girls Guitars as an extremely clever marketing concept. The founders decided it was the girls turn to have guitars tailored to their needs and physique and they were spot on! Since inception they have been going from strength to strength which is not easy in a highly competitive market primarily targeting wanna be males. Brilliant!

But, Daisy Rocks Guitars have a secret! They are built by the famous Schecter Guitar Research company in the USA! If you know your guitars you'll be aware they are a highly respected brand. I urge you to explore them and you'll see "Daisies" are superb quality and beautifully made with a bargain pricepoint. Another well kept secret.

Anyway, I got my Debutante body for $US20 from Riceage Music in the States which is about the price of one and a bit packs of ciggies these days. Not that I smoke but... unfortunately shipping to Oz cost an arm and a leg which took a lot of the shine off the deal! Them's the breaks but the body was almost flawless so I'm happy.

There wasn't a matching neck available in repairable condition so I'll have to make one. I just found a set of original pickups so there's some authenticity being retained. But if they aren't punchy enough I might slap in some DiMarzios or ToneRiders... hmmm. Then the build will be a hybrid Deadly Daisy Guitar or DDG which is short for Destroyer in my old Navy parlance. Kewl!

I really like the body shape of the Debutante, contemporary with a 20th century traditional look. It's like a cross between a Tele and a Les Paul style and very comfortable. Love the deep sparkle finish on this - Atomic Pink! A bit of a buff up and this babe will go off like a bomb!!!

Oh yeah! ...for the guys... Daisy Rocks is a great place to browse for solids, semis and acoustics for your special someone but there are also some "manly" builds there with plenty of meat. At their prices it's a great start for newbies and the modder builder. Like I said, these are well built and superbly finished guitars plus they are played by many famous musos around the globe (if you need any coaxing keep reading). And would you believe they have a lifetime warranty? Unreal!

Let me quote from the Daisy Rocks site:

Girls, however, aren’t the only ones having fun with Daisy Rock guitars. The Cure’s Robert Smith, The Psychedelic Furs’ Tim Butler, Chris Stein from Blondie, and Sylvain Sylvain from The New York Dolls play them, too, as do Adam Levy (Norah Jones) and Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers).

The brainchild of Founder and President of Daisy Rock Girl Guitars, Tish Ciravolo, has done a done massive amount to foster female empowerment in the music industry. I'm very impressed.

Sorry if this has turned into an advert of sorts but I think a bit of praise is in order. 10/10

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